About Freedom PA

Vision Statement

In the 7 years that Tom Wolf has been Governor, Pennsylvania has gone backwards.

Our freedoms have been violated by repeated, unilateral executive actions that shut down our economy. Our individual rights have been ignored. Our kids have been left behind by a Governor who puts teachers’ unions before education. Our businesses have struggled and suffered under Wolf’s regulations and higher taxes. Today in Pennsylvania, the only thing growing is the size and scope of government.

Freedom PA believes that the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant state is the simple, undeniable notion that freedom must be the essential building block of our society. 

Freedom PA will explore conservative ideas to renew Pennsylvania. It will do this by promoting free enterprise – not tearing it down – which is the key to prosperity for all. By promoting polices that allow Pennsylvanians to harness the natural resources of this great state to provide for their families. By promoting school choice to spark competition and give parents and students more educational opportunity, which is a gateway to a better life. By reducing the size and scope of government with lower taxes, less regulations, and an emphasis on empowering individuals. And by promoting public safety, instead of far-left policies that put criminals first. 

Freedom PA knows that our state is a better place to live and raise a family when we are all free – free to innovate, free to speak our minds, free to make the choices that are best for our families, and free to be safe from crime. Freedom PA believes that we need a government that champions these values and puts Pennsylvanians’ freedoms first. 

Tom Wolf’s centralized, oppressive big government model has failed. It is time to rid ourselves of it. With more freedom, every family in this great state, from Pittsburgh to Scranton, Philadelphia to Erie, will have a chance at a better, safer, and more prosperous future.